High Road • Bushey • Hertfordshire

High Road – Bushey Heath

Village Home

41 No Apartments, 19 Kwp TET Modules

This project required a 10% reduction in energy usage to be met with renewables. Photovoltaics were chosen due to the greater financial returns over the other technologies via the “Feed in Tariff”. Due to the roof being a traditional wooden design a light weight solution was needed. The client also insisted on a non-penetrating mounting system to lower the risk of leaks. Ballasted, lightweight mounting systems do not ordinarily go hand in hand, meaning the use of a more expensive, specialist system was required. The Eco Team selected an interlocking, aerodynamic system, built for this purpose and requiring much lower ballast compared to its rivals. The speedy installation time offered by this design went some way to off-setting the higher initial cost, thereby offering a cost-effective solution.

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