Commercial Road • Tower Hamlets • London

Commercial Road

A2 Dominion

Mixed Tenure Scheme New Build Homes and Commercial Units; 215 Private, 32 Shared Ownership, 72 Rentals, 22 Kwp Shuco 215w Modules, Brown Roofing Mounting.

The renewable energy design specification, requested a 22 Kwp photovoltaic system mounted at 10 degrees on the flat brown roof of block B. The preferred option was a weighted, non-roof penetrating mounting system to keep costs low and eliminate weak points in the water barrier. The Eco Team designed a system utilising gravel already specified for the brown roof as ballast, thereby reducing costs further. This array design, in conjunction with 2 G59 compliant 3 phase inverters, provided the client with an aesthetic and economic PV package.

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