Solar energy to power your home

Domestic Applications

tailored solar power solutions

Installing Solar PV for the UK's
Domestic Housing Market

The Eco Team believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible, regardless of how complex the task may seem on the surface. 

We offer a no pressure approach to domestic clients and following a site survey, details including predicted yields, financial returns and of course the installation cost will be forwarded by e-mail, allowing you, the customer, to make a decision in your own time knowing all ins and outs of the process.

Schools, housing associations, property management associations, residential and commercial properties can all benefit from PV systems and we will be thrilled to answer any questions you may have regarding installation, maintenance and quotations.

Why install Solar Photovoltaic Panels?

Cost Savings

Solar PV systems generate FREE electricity, meaning property owners can reduce their electricity bill significantly. Any excess electricity may be sold back to the grid at a profit, monitored using a smart meter.

Grid Independence

With a tailored solar PV configuration, your home will generate its own electricity without dependence on national energy providers.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

With rising fossil fuel prices and the continuing challenges with climate change, the demand for solar PV systems increases. This year, renewables have supplied 37% of the electricity in Britain.

independence from the grid

How is money saved with
photovoltaic (PV) installations?

Free source of renewable energy.

Rising electricity rates in combination with lower installation costs, make solar energy a great way to reduce the electric bill.

Export excess electricity back to the grid.

Unused power generated by the solar PV panels may be exported/sold to the grid/electrical supplier.

Energy storage with battery technology.

Batteries capture any unused solar power during the day for later evening use or on low sunlight days, offering further independence from the grid. However in a black-out event, batteries generally do not provide power due to "anti islanding protection", although the latest inverters offer solutions to maintain power for your property.

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