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Alberta House

PROJECT: Alberta House, Streamlight, Poplar, London.


DETAILS: 133 homes over 3 blocks. 5Kwp PV system, Schuco.


CLIENT: Swan Housing Group.


We were asked to provide a solution for mounting, a 5Kwp photovoltaic system to the roof of this 24 storey block.

This roof is at a height above 80 metres and finished in standing seam, zinc profiles. Using our extensive database of approved suppliers we sourced a mounting system capable of withstanding the high wind loadings at this height and also provided the client with a manufacturer backed warranty. This project required integration between our design and fitting teams and the roofing contractor ensuring a trouble free installation whilst addressing all concerns and advice from the roofing and mounting system manufacturers.


PROJECT: Phase 4C Bermondsey South, Bermondsey, Lewisham, London Borough of Southwark.


DETAILS: 146 new homes. 71.3Kwp Schuco modules.


CLIENT: London & Quadrant Housing Association.


The Eco Team's involvement in this very large housing scheme included the design, supply and installation of the photovoltaic requirements for Phase 4. This project consisted of multiple PV arrays on both the blocks and houses, and required mounting systems for flat green roofs, pitched, tiled roofs and standing seam, zinc, pitched roofs.

Main contractor feedback to The Eco Team commented on their ability for maintaining fitting schedules, liason with site management and other trades, and the quality of the service from design to completion. The Eco Team are currently working with the contractor at design stage on other upcoming projects.


PROJECT: The Pallette, Amber Apartments, Butchers Road, Canning Town, London.


DETAILS: 109 New Flats. 205.6m2 Sonnenkraft Evacuated Tube Collectors, 8000 litres Buffer Storage.


CLIENT: London & Quadrant Housing Association.


This project required a CO2 reduction from renewable energy of 24,000 Kg. This was met with a solar thermal system designed, supplied and installed by The Eco Team. The buffer vessels are charged by the solar via a stratified charging module providing maximum efficiency and instantaneous energy usage with the avoidance of stratification, when solar yields are high.

Temperatures of upto 90 degrees are stored in the buffer vessels, offering greater energy storage volume over the more conventional twin coil solar cylinders. The incoming cold feed suppling the 10,000 litre main calorifiers is pre-heated by the buffers via a potable water heat exchanger to a maximum 60 degrees. This system eliminates possible legionella risks associated with solar thermal systems, and avoids the costly, neccessary cleansing cycles required during the winter months.


PROJECT: Charles Goddard House, Wembley, Middlesex.


DETAILS: 26 residential dwellings.


CLIENT: Willow Housing & Care Ltd.


The Eco Team, working together with Robinson Associates Engineers, managed to design a solar thermal system able to meet this buildings renewable energy requirements within tight roof area constraints.

The system consists of 54m2 of Sonnenkraft flat panel collectors, linked to a 3000L buffer storage vessel via a stratified charging unit. This unit enables different temperatures obtained by the collectors to be delivered to the buffer vessel at different levels, thereby maximising efficiency.

The buffer vessel is backed up by both conventional gas boilers and a combined heat and power (CHP) unit to provide a heat store for the building. This configuration enables the solar to contribute to both hot water and space heating demands.


PROJECT: Clockworks, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London.


DETAILS: 50 Residential Units.12 No Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps to Ground Floor.




The Clockworks project needed air source heat pumps fitted to the ground floor units in the block, to meet Building Sustainability Code Level 3. The Eco Team working in conjunction with the plumbing contractor, fitted individual heating only heat pumps to each unit, these were then connected to the unfloor heating systems. Air source heat pumps work particularly well with underfloor heating as much lower temperatures than a radiator system are required. Heat pumps are at their most efficient when producing lower temperatures.


PROJECTS: Commercial Road, Tower Hamlets, London.


DETAILS: Mixed Tenure Scheme New Build Homes and Commercial Units; 215 Private, 32 Shared Ownership, 72 Rental. 22 Kwp Shuco 215w Modules, Brown Roof Mounting.


CLIENT: A2 Dominion. 


The renewable energy design specification, requested a 22Kwp photovoltaic system mounted at 10 degrees on the flat brown roof of block B. The prefered option was a weighted, non-roof penetrating mounting system to keep costs low and eliminate weak points in the water barrier. The Eco Team designed a system utilizing gravel already specified for the brown roof as ballast, thereby reducing costs further. This array design, in conjunction with 2 G59 compliant 3 phase inverters, provided the client with an aesthetic and economic PV package.


POJECT: Crayford Town Hall, Crayford, London.


DETAILS: 180 new homes, library, restaurant, health centre and shops. 29.4Kwp Schuco PV System.


CLIENT: Gallions Housing Association.


The photovoltaic requirement for this project consisted of 29.4Kwp of Schuco modules to be fitted across 3 blocks. The modules were mounted on bespoke, galvanised steel, feature upstands on the flat green roofs.

The Eco Team carried out the design and layout of the PV system in conjunction with Pinnacle ESP (building services consultants), from an early stage to ensure the correct sizing for the manufacture of the feature upstands, and the provision of adequate space for the neccessary plant. This process led to a quick and trouble free installation. 


PROJECT: Darlinghurst Primary School, Suthend on Sea, Essex.


DETAILS: 11Kw Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pump. New School Classrooms and nursery.


CLIENT: Southend on Sea Borough Council.


The specified design required a Daikin Monoblock air source heat pump combined with a 150 litre hot water cylinder.

This system would provide heating through the underfloor heating system, and hot water for the sinks and toilet basins.

The Eco Team worked alongside the plumbing contractor to provide seamless integration between the heating and hot water services, the air source heat pump and the control strategy.


PROJECT: Downham Road, Hackney, London.


DETAILS: 50 New Homes, 77m2 Solar Thermal.


CLIENT: A2 Dominion.


Working closely with the mechanical design consultant ( Robinson Associates) from an early stage, allowed us to combine our expertise to plan and create a very efficient, solar assisted, centralised heating and hot water system.

Using seperate communal storage vessels rather than twin coil cylinders, guaranteed a dedicated solar store at all times. This heat store also allowed energy to be drawn off to feed individual dwelling apartment stations, providing instantaneous hot water and space heating. This system allows the solar to contribute to both hot water and space heating. Using a stratified charging module enabled high temperatures from the solar to be fed directly to the top of the lead vessel, ensuring the boilers are not used until completely neccessary. The communal return is also stratified to allow complete system control, this all translates to greater solar gains and higher overall cost savings.


PROJECT: Endeavour Scout Hall, South Woodford, Essex.


DETAILS: 4Kwp TET 250 modules.


CLIENT: Scout Group.


The Eco Team supplied and installed a 4Kwp PV system on the only feasible, east facing, pitched roof of the scout hall.

Following a full site survey and providing the client with a Government approved SAP calculation, predicted solar yields and potential financial returns, the installation was considered to be a worthwhile investment.

The Eco Team also provided information sheets explaining how PV works and the benefits of such a system. These were to be used as an educational tool for the scout group along with performance monitoring via the generation meter.


PROJECT: Glynn Street, Vauxhall, London.


DETAILS: 69 No flats and commercial units. 92.5m2 Sonnenkraft Flat Panel, 4500L Buffer Vessels, Pre-heat system.


CLIENT: Genesis Housing Group.


This project required a CO2 reduction from renewable energy of 7,663 Kg. This was met with a solar thermal system designed, supplied and installed by The Eco Team, using the same pre-heat model, successfully and previously installed on the Butchers Road project. This system design also incorporates a pressure bypass valve on the boosted cold, mains feed to the calorifiers. This ensures maximum energy transfer from the buffer vessels to the calorifiers, without the need for an expensive, oversized, potable water heat exchanger, capable of handling the extremely large cold water flows, needed to replenish the calorifiers during peak hot water demand. 


PROJECT: New Build Framework, Greenwich, London.


DETAILS: Multiple PV Systems, Schuco.


CLIENT: London Borough of Greenwich.


Disused wasteland and garages have been put back into good use through Greenwich Councils framework for new local authority housing.

The Eco Team, working with Schuco, provided photovoltaic systems for a number of projects on phase 2 helping the local authority meet building code level 4 on their new housing stock. Weathered upstands were constructed by the roofing contractor on the green roofs, enabling mechanical fixing of the PV mounting frames and modules.

All design of the PV systems, to meet the required renewable requirements was carried out by The Eco Team.


PROJECT: High Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire.


DETAILS: 41 No Apartments, 18Kwp TET modules.


CLIENT: Village Homes.


This project required a 10% reduction in energy usage to be met with renewables. Photovoltaics were chosen due to the greater financial returns over other technologies via the "Feed in Tariff". Due to the roof being a traditional wooden design a light weight solution was needed. The client also insisted on a non-penetrating mounting system to lower the risk of leaks. Ballasted, lightweight mounting systems do not ordinarily go hand in hand, meaning the use of a more expensive, specialist system was required. The Eco Team selected an interlocking, aerodynamic system, built for this purpose and requiring much lower ballast compared to its rivals. The speedy installation time offered by this design went some way to off-setting the higher initial cost, thereby offering a cost effective solution.

PROJECT: Kingsgate Primary School, Camden, London.


Details: Schuco 7.14Kwp Retrofit Photovoltaic System.


CLIENT: London Borough of Camden.


The Eco Team were requested to survey this school and provide a feasibility study, followed by the most cost effective solution for the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) system.

This victorian school, like most from this era, is made up of many different buildings with varying sizes and orientations of roof area.

The West facing pitched roof of the main building was considered the most suitable due to the large surface area.

This west facing roof also offered a greater investment to financial return ratio than multiple small south facing systems, due to the lower installation and scaffolding costs. The Main building also contains the main incoming 3 phase electrical supply which is neccessary for connecting systems of this size to the grid.

To enable the introduction of a PV system to benefit the students education, a large display unit showing real time electrical generation and total generated was fitted. The Eco Team also provided laminated fact sheets showing what solar energy is and how PV works.


PROJECT: Lewisham Way, Lewisham, London.


DETAILS: 5 No new build town houses. 5 No 0.57Kwp Schuco PV Systems.


CLIENT: Perfect Concepts.


The requirement for this new build project was for a 0.57Kwp PV system on each property.

The modules were to be fitted on a standing seam, zinc, pitched roof.

The Eco Team offers mounting systems for all applications and therefore had no problem in delivering a low cost, proffessional, installation for the client, to meet the renewable energy requirements for this scheme.


PROJECT: Little England Farm, Hadlow Down, East Sussex.


DETAILS: 21m2 solar thermal flatplate, 4000 Litres buffer storage, stratified charging module, fresh water module.


CLIENT: Durkan New Homes.


This farm renovation required a high level of mechanical and electrical, design and integration with both the existing buildings and the new swimming pool complex, which itself included a green roof, solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Robinsons Associates aided with technical advice from The Eco Team designed an advanced and efficient, solar assisted water heating system. The Sonnenkraft 4000L buffer vessels are charged by a wood burner with an oil boiler as back-up, and 21m2 of solar thermal flat plate collectors which are fitted to a zinc standing seam roof. The charging takes place at different levels via the solar stratified charging module to maximise solar gains and limit cylinder stratification. The energy stored in the buffer vessels is used to provide space heating, swimming pool heating and hot potable water via the Sonnenkraft fresh water module. This unit is a pumped, speed controlled heat exchanger providing instant hot water by heating the incoming cold mains.


PROJECT: Market Estate Phase 3, Islington, London.


DETAILS: 187 new homes. 19 Kwp TET modules.


CLIENT: Southern Housing Group.


The requirement for this phase of the project was to supply and install 8 No 1.33 Kwp photovoltaic systems on the tiled, pitched roofs of the town houses and 4 flat roof systems totalling 8.36Kwp.

The flat roofs were already finished with a single ply membrane covering making a penetration free mounting system the prefered option for the client. The Eco Team installed a low ballast mounting system. The ballast loadings were calculated using location based wind speed data with manufacturer software, thereby ensuring confidence in a non mechanically fixed PV system.



PROJECT: Oliver Road, Leyton, London.


DETAILS: 10 new town houses. Multiple Schuco PV Systems.


CLIENT: Community Based Housing Association  (Peabody Group).


This new build timber frame project required 8 No 1.29Kwp systems and 2 No 1.5Kwp systems to be installed on the single ply memebrane, flat roofs of 10 No town houses.

The modules needed to be mechanically fixed to avoid excessive weight loadings being applied to this light weight structure.

Working closely with the roofing contractor, The Eco Team provided specification and setting out for the weathered upstands to be manufactured and fitted. This method allowed the mounting frames and modules to be fixed mechanically in the positions specified by the architect. The main contractor on this project was pleased with our professionalism and integration with the other trades and awarded further work orders to The Eco Team for their south London projects.


PROJECT: Otter Road, Greenford, London.


DETAILS: 14 self contained units, 14 No Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps.




This new building, containing heated units with kitchens and bathrooms, needed to make savings using renewable technology to meet code level 3. Air source heat pumps were chosen and replaced the conventional choice of gas boilers, for the space heating and hot water heating requirements.  The Eco Team controlled the temperature and timing of the underfloor heating system, and Daikin stainless steel cylinder, using the controller fitted to the indoor unit and traditional room thermistats. The use of underfloor heating in place of traditional radiators keeps water heating temperatures below 40 degrees. these low temperetures ensure maximum efficiency from the heat pump and provide a comfortable living environment.


PROJECT: 21 Wapping Lane, London.


DETAILS: 450 apartments, health club and restaurants, over 4 blocks. 3 Kwp Photovoltaic Flat Roof System. TET 250W Modules.


CLIENT: London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


The Eco Team were asked to supply a 3Kwp PV system for the flat, green roof on block C.

This roof was already constructed, therefore a weighted, non penetrating mounting system was required. We fitted a low ballast stainless steel mounting, and our own MCS accredited TET 250Watt modules on top of the existing substrate, providing the client with a fast, cost effective solution.


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